The Secrets to TikTok Success: 7 Tips to Boost Your Content Visibility

In our modern-day lives, no one can deny the significance of the TikTok platform. Its versatile nature allows it to be leveraged for various purposes, whether it's gaining fame through content creation, promoting your services, or simply participating in the evolution of online content. TikTok operates on a Mass Content algorithm, meaning that user-generated content is prioritized based on its popularity on the platform. This ensures that, regardless of the content you share, you'll undoubtedly find yourself in front of viewers. The main question here is: How do you keep your content thriving on TikTok? To answer that, we present you with 7 secrets to make your TikTok videos gain more views.

Follow the Trends

The original goal of TikTok, since its acquisition, has been to launch musical challenges, encouraging people to participate in challenges on the platform. For instance, initiating a dance around a specific song and having people share their dance moves to that music. Music plays a crucial role in the emergence of challenges and subsequently in the appearance of new videos. TikTok prioritizes trending music within the app, giving precedence to content that incorporates it. Create content based on trending music in the background, aligning your videos with popular tunes whenever they dominate TikTok's interface.

Space Out Your Content

While TikTok thrives on mass content, it doesn't mean you should create a video every three minutes or post five videos a day. This is excessive and could categorize your account as spam, especially if your follower count is considerably low. Your initial views often come from random users on TikTok who encounter your suggested video on their feed. To receive more recommendations and maintain a balanced view rate, refrain from excessive posting. Posting a video every three days provides a good view rate and recommendations for your videos on the platform.

Utilize TikTok's Features (Especially Filters and Stitches)

Like any other social media platform, TikTok prioritizes promoting its own features. Utilizing new filters released by TikTok will grab the platform's attention, making your videos prominent. Features like Stitches, which involve creating a video based on an existing TikTok video, should not be overlooked. Especially for famous videos that have gained millions of views, create a Stitch with them and develop videos based on their content. Additionally, hashtags play a significant role in TikTok's unique game, just like Instagram; don't neglect their impact.

Engage on TikTok – You're More Than a Content Creator

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok users can be categorized into two groups: content creators and regular users who engage with this content. Content creation is relatively easy on TikTok, but engaging with others' content can be challenging. The trick here is to actively engage with content on the platform, particularly by responding to comments on your videos. TikTok offers a feature to respond to comments with video replies, a feature the platform encourages users to employ.

Upload High-Quality Content

Finally, pay attention to the quality of your videos. You'll notice that certain videos spread quickly on the platform compared to others. For example, videos with excessive text, those without any visible person, or videos with poor lighting and quality receive less attention. In contrast, clear, professionally shot videos with good lighting and featuring other individuals tend to attract more interest. Our final advice is to create high-quality content, not just in terms of the actual content but in terms of cinematography and vision.


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