Resources for Learning Programming Completely Free

Programming is a highly sought-after skill in companies, freelancing, and even for gaining a better understanding of the tech world. If you're tempted to dive into learning programming, you might be wondering: How can you start? There are numerous platforms and methods available to kickstart your programming journey, and in this guide, we present several platforms for you to explore.

W3Schools Platform: The Best for Grasping Programming Fundamentals

W3Schools provides a comprehensive set of tutorials covering a wide range of programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more. The platform guides you through sequential articles, starting with choosing the programming language you want to learn. A notable feature is that, beneath each lesson, you'll find exercises alongside a code sandbox to apply what you've learned, combining theoretical learning with practical application.

Tutorialspoint Platform: A Holistic System for Mastering Any Programming Language

Tutorialspoint, a globally renowned programming site, covers almost everything related to various programming languages and technologies. The site presents a structured index of lessons, categorized based on your chosen programming language. Whether you opt for Java or any other language, the lessons progress from basics to advanced, and even specialized topics like database integration. The site excels in providing highly detailed explanations and complete code snippets for hands-on learning.

freeCodeCamp Platform: Learn a Full Skillset in Record Time

freeCodeCamp aims to be a benchmark educational site covering various disciplines. Utilize their YouTube channel for visual learning, read articles on their official site, and follow diverse tutorials and courses related to programming and its technologies. The platform's primary goal is to help users learn programming techniques in record time. For instance, if you want to learn Java or PHP, the site suggests that you can master it in 3 hours by following their comprehensive guide or suggested video. If you're eager to rapidly learn a new programming skill, this platform has everything you need.

Codecademy Website: Interactive Programming Learning

Programming can be learned in various ways, from reading articles to watching videos and applying the knowledge. However, what about the possibility of mastering programming interactively? Codecademy offers this unique feature. Learning interactively means discovering a programming language and its features rather than solely receiving and acquiring information. Codecademy provides a fully interactive learning experience. You choose a specific programming language, and the platform informs you that code X accomplishes task Y. Then, it offers you exercises or tests to attempt writing code that achieves the same goal, but using the programming language you selected. This hands-on approach fosters self-discovery and is considered a superior method for learning programming correctly.

Embark on your coding journey with these diverse platforms that cater to different learning styles, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. Choose the one that suits you best and enjoy the exciting world of programming!


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